Parents: This section contains information for parents. All forms are at the top of this page. Please read and complete the required forms. Additional information about the school and your child are provided here as well.

Required Forms:

Preschool Health Form

New Jersey State Health Department regulations require the return of the medical form BEFORE each child starts school. Medical forms MUST be returned to the school by August 1st.

Preschool Health Form

Information to Parents Form

The Department of Children and Families, Office of Licensing requires a preschool to provide the “Information to Parents” document, highlighting a preschool’s requirements. In keeping with this requirement, the center must secure the signature of every parent, attesting to his/her receipt of this information. Once you have read the information, you MUST return a completed, signed form for our records. These documents are provided here:

Information to Parents Form

Important Information:


Birthdays are celebrated at school. Please send in two (2) dozen cupcakes or cookies and leave the rest to us. We do require that the treats be store bought and in original packaging with a list of ingredients, for the children’s safety.  We are a nut-free facility.

Show -and- tell

Your child’s teacher will send home a letter in the beginning of the school year to inform you of your child’s show -and- tell day. Each month, a newsletter will be sent home to explain the “Show -and-  tell” theme for the upcoming month. Please label all items and avoid breakables.

Progress reports 

Progress reports are sent out in February and July. Parent-Teacher conferences are scheduled as needed


Holiday parties are held on the day on which the holiday falls or the last school day before the holiday.


Dressing for school

Label all clothing and dress your child appropriately for the weather.. Sneakers are mandatory for the playground and gym.



Snacks are served during the morning and afternoon sessions. 



Open door policy

Parents are welcome to visit unannounced at any time.

Unscheduled Half Days

If class size permits, an unscheduled half-day may be pre-arranged. A charge of $50.00 covers the additional half-day. The charge for an unscheduled lunch added to a morning session or afternoon session is $25.00 and it includes a hot, well-balanced meal.


Medications will be administered ONLY if received in the original container, with a signed, dated note from the parent, with instructions for dosage, including time and amount, and reason for medication.